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On Empowered Wellness Radio, we’re going to bring to you easy to do practices that will increase your vitality and decrease stress.

Our mission is to introduce the concept of lifestyle as medicine and bring in ideas from many scientific resources to show you how healthy living is easy and accessible to everyone by teaching an awareness of what is possible by making small daily changes that increase your well-being.

We will also have guests who are doing amazing things in the health and wellness field right here in Hampton Roads. From nutritionists, to integrative medicine doctors, to fitness specialists, and even energy healers, so that you know where to turn when you need additional help.


Jeannie Smith

Jeannie Smith is a highly credentialed, Board Certified Manual therapist who encourages clients to heal pain and trauma from the past by relieving physical stress buried in the body.  She also empowers her clients by teaching them ways to take better care of themselves that are simple and effective.  She has a deep understanding of the Mind/Body Connection with a very holistic approach.  Her practice serves the Southside and Peninsula of the Greater Hampton Roads Metropolitan area.

Brana Mijatovic, Ph.D

Brana Mijatovic, Ph.D. was born with extra sensory abilities and has developed her gifts to provide multi-dimensional energetic healing that creates rapid personal transformation. Her work with Tesla Healing, Soul Astrology and Crystal Frequencies quickly clears energetic blocks, expands intuitive abilities and increases personal energy. She also holds meditation classes and teaches workshops on energy healing throughout the metropolitan Hampton Roads VA area.